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Our Sanctuary Program provides relief for clients dealing with cancer, cancer treatment, and side effects, by calming skin reactions, easing pain, and soothing the body, mind, and spirit.  These carefully cultivated services soothe the unpleasant side effects caused by cancer and its treatments.  

Certificated in Oncology Esthetics, Zahra’s modified spa treatments support an integrative and holistic approach to medical oncology. Her advanced training helps clients who have had lymph nodes removed, have ports, and suffer pain and skin issues due to chemotherapy/radiation, and autoimmune problems.  Clients who are struggling with dryness, hyperpigmentation, rashes, loss of elasticity, and overall discomfort can find comfort and relief, in a safe and relaxing space.

Our room features a heated bed, assorted bolsters to relieve back pain, and an attached private restroom for your convenience.

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A thorough Intake…

Relax away tension with a warm and soothing foot bath, while Zahra conducts a comfortable and thorough intake.

She will go over your oncology treatment plan, medications, diet and lifestyle to ensure that your treatment is catered to fit your unique needs.

Regardless of where you are in your treatments, this service is completely safe and customized just for you.

Sanctuary Facial | $65.00

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This soothing and restorative facial features hot herbal-infused compresses, gentle facial massage, and facial reflexology.

Sanctuary Body Treatment | $65.00

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This soothing and restorative body treatment features hot herbal-infused compresses, gentle body brushing, nourishing oils, and detoxifying kanza wands.

These services are priced in consideration of the staggering medical bills associated with cancer and it’s treatment.