Gossamer Body Treatment | $155.00

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Our most lavish body treatment, imbued with sensory experience and rejuvenation. Essential Oils and herbal infused compresses merge aromatherapy & hot stone therapy.

Illume Back & Arm Treatment | $135.00

LIMN Skincare specialty exfoliating back and arm treatment image

Our Illume Resurfacing service, applied to your upper back and upper arms. Includes either an Enzyme Peel or Microdermabrasion.

Glow Back & Arm Treatment | $95.00

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Our Glow Clarifying service, applied to your upper back and upper arms. This clarifying backcial features extractions and a calming mask.

Exfoliating Body Treatment | $95.00

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This full body treatment features invigorating dry brushing or herbal sugar polish, followed by application of soothing and hydrating oils.